Water Management

Water Management

Water quality is one of the main pillars for the cultivation is has great influence on the health of plants. Discover which machines can improve the quality of the water you use in your greenhouse.

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Internal greenhouse logistics | From harvesting to packaging

Internal greenhouse logistics improve the production process and save labor. But what kind of logistics suit your situation best? And which advantages do they have? In this article you can read more about internal logistics during cultivation and harvest operations, about different types of harvest trolleys and about automation of internal logistics in the greenhouse. Internal [...]

Maintenance guide for disinfectant mats

Hygiene measures in greenhouses are of utmost importance nowadays. You want to prevent that viruses and bacteria enter the greenhouse via for example the shoes of visitors. The disinfectant mat helps you control these micro-bacteria, but for an optimal performance maintenance of the disinfectant mat is key. Underneath you will find a guide that helps [...]

Greenhouse climate control | How to create an optimal climate

An optimal greenhouse climate is very important and it is not particularly easy to achieve. Your greenhouse climate management has to be on point. There are multiple greenhouse climate control systems that can help you get the best climate in the greenhouse. If you have your greenhouse climate under control, it can bring several benefits [...]

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Spare parts for water management systems in horticulture

Water is an essential component for the growth of the crop. It is therefore of great importance that all water management systems function properly. Hortispares is the platform for spare parts for water management in horticulture. The range of water management products includes spare parts for watering and irrigation systems, water pumps, water storage or water treatment. The installations together contribute to the goal of closing watering systems.

Rainwater is collected by means of a basin or silo. The water in the water storage is then used as irrigation water in the irrigation system. The right irrigation system is very important in order to be able to administer the right amount of water every day. However, it is important that irrigation water is free of dirt, clay, sand and other contaminants. To purify water, you can use water purification and filtering techniques. After intensive use of your water systems, it can happen that a spare part needs to be replaced. At Hortispares you will find spare parts for drip systems, drainage pumps, sand and sieve filters and disinfection units.

Spare parts for fertigation systems

The right amount and dosage of nutrition; that’s what it’s all about in fertigation systems. With the help of the Vialux feeding units, DWC slab weigher, Blue rain valves and dosing pumps you are able to give the right dosage of nutrition to the crop. At Hortispares you can find spare parts such as filters, venturi nozzles, o-rings and flushing. In this way you prevent stagnation or malfunction of your fertigation system.

Spare parts for irrigation systems

Watering systems, or irrigation systems, are available in: drip system, irrigation and ebb and flow system. It is very important that the irrigation system works properly. With the aid of droplet hoses, spray hoods and nozzles, the water can be administered to the crop. At Hortispares you can find parts for your irrigation system. In this way you can prevent that you can no longer use your irrigation system.

Spare parts for pumps

Pumps are an important part of water technology in horticulture. Pumps are mainly used for pumping water and nutrients around. At Hortispares you will find parts for drainage pumps, system pumps and submersible pumps from renowned brands such as Lowara.

Spare parts for water storage

To be able to pump water around to the crop, you need to have water at your disposal. In horticulture water storage is often used by means of silos and basins. In this way, rainwater can be collected and used as irrigation water. However, it is very important that regular maintenance is carried out on the silo or basin to prevent it from erupting. At Hortispares you can find various parts for your water storage.

Spare parts for water treatment

If you want to add water to the crop, it is very important that water is purified. Water treatment offers a solution by disinfecting or filtering the water. At Hortispares you will find UDI filters for water filtering. In addition to filtering techniques, you can also buy parts for, for example, an ECA unit.

Buying spare parts for water management

At Hortispares you can find various spare parts for water management in horticulture. Would you like to receive advice about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

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