Water treatment

Spare parts for greenhouse water treatment equipment

Water that is transported to the plant through irrigation should not contain any dirt. However, water that is used in horticulture contains not always the right quality. That is why water treatment is widely used in horticulture. Dirt, including clay, sand and algae, can be filtered out of the water using various filtering techniques. At Hortispares you will find parts for sand filter, sieve filters, reverse osmosis, ECA units and Priva Vialux units. In this way, you can be sure that your water quality is of a high level and you can prevent downtime or malfunctions of your water systems. What’s more, you’ll find water treatment components and water disinfections from renowned brands such as Priva, UDI, Jesco and Netafim.

Find the right parts easily for your greenhouse water disinfection

Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture. Are you looking for spare parts for your water treatment systems for horticulture? You can easily find the right water treatment greenhouse parts at Hortispares. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.