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It is important to consider diseases that may be spread by people, machines and implements. This is because there are more and more new viruses, pests and diseases in greenhouse horticulture. Hygiene measures with regard to personal hygiene and disinfecting hygiene machines will help you with this. Clean hands, machines and tools ensure a clean greenhouse and therefore clean crops.

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We’ve got spare parts for various Boons Fis Hygiene stations. You can find them here.

Parts for cleaning equipment

We’ve got spare parts for various cleaning equipment machines of the following brands. Verhagen Leiden, DiBo and Creemers Compressors.

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How do you use a hygiene station?

When you enter a greenhouse farm, you will increasingly see a hygiene station that allows you to disinfect your hands and footwear, after which you may enter the greenhouse. A hygiene station is an important part for a company in horticulture. By using hygiene equipment, you raise the hygiene level at your company to a higher [...]

Maintenance guide for disinfectant mats

Hygiene measures in greenhouses are of utmost importance nowadays. You want to prevent that viruses and bacteria enter the greenhouse via for example the shoes of visitors. The disinfectant mat helps you control these micro-bacteria, but for an optimal performance maintenance of the disinfectant mat is key. Underneath you will find a guide that helps [...]

How do you use a hygiene station?

When entering a greenhouse horticulture company, you increasingly see a hygiene station that allows you to disinfect your hands and footwear, after which you may enter the greenhouse. But how do you use a hygiene station? When going through a hygiene station, observe the following steps: Make sure you stand in front of the sensor [...]

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Spare parts for hygiene station/disinfection unit

After prolonged use of hygiene equipment, it may be that a spare part needs to be replaced. Therefore always make sure that you have spare parts in stock for your hygiene station. This way you will prevent your hygiene station from shutting down and viruses and bacteria remain outside the door. To replace the parts of Boons hygiene station machines,  you can contact Hortispares for all kinds of parts for hygiene equipment. Are the brushes, mixing valves, check valves or injectors in need of replacement? At Hortispares you can easily and quickly order parts for Boons hygiene equipment.


Find the right parts easily

Hortispares offers 10.000 spare parts for horticulture. Are you looking for spare parts for your hygiene station machine? You can easily find the right parts at Hortispares. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store. If you have questions about the parts, cleaning of the hygiene lock or other questions, feel free to contact us.

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