Pipe rail trolley

Pipe rail trolleys for greenhouses

The pipe rail trolleys are invaluable to the horticultural sector because they increase the efficiency of work at height. This is because with the help of a trolley you can maintain the desired working height, so that you always adopt the right working posture. With the hydraulic scissor lift you can easily set the right working height. Pipe rail trolleys move on – as the name suggests – heating pipes, but there are also pipe rail trolleys with wheels. (Both) The pipe rail trolleys can also ride on the concrete floor. By using the greenhouse trolley, the pipe rail systems have an extra function: serving as rails for the pipe rail trolleys. All machines can thus be moved easily and stably. Please take into account the center-to-center distance of the system, to prevent that the pipe rail trolley is not suitable for your system.

Maintenance of a pipe rail trolley

Pipe rail trolleys are used intensively in horticulture and therefore it is very important that they are checked correctly and regularly. Because pipe rail trolleys are used in harvesting tasks, especially when it comes to performing tasks at great heights, pipe rail trolleys must be safe. Maintenance and repair are therefore of great importance. In this way you prevent downtime or malfunctions of your pipe rail trolley and guarantee your safety at the highest level. Please note: maintenance of electrical components, wiring, hydraulic system and the drive motor must always be carried out by a qualified mechanic.

Various parts of the pipe rail trolley need periodically maintenance. Some parts need weekly maintenance or a check and some parts you have to replace yearly. The frequency of maintenance and control differs per component of the trolley. For instance, the carbon brushes of the pipe rail trolley needs to be cleaned or replaced (if shorter than 1 cm) yearly in contrast to the battery fluid level which has to be checked every month.

A pipe rail trolley contains several important components to maintain: battery, control components, control panel, foot tools, wheels, drive chain, ball bearings, scissors and hinged parts. In our blog you can read how to repair and maintain pipe rail trolleys.

Maintenance of pipe rail trolley battery

The battery of the trolley needs periodically maintenance. Every day you have to check if the battery is charged. It’s important for the battery’s lifespan to prevent the batteries from becoming depleted completely. On top of that, you have to check monthly the level of electrolyte (battery acid). If the level is too low, please add demineralized water up to at least 0.5 cm above the plates.

Spare parts for greenhouse pipe rail trolleys

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