Assimilative Lighting

Assimilative lighting for horticulture

Assimilation lighting consists of lamps that are used to supplement (a shortage of) natural sunlight with artificial light, thereby stimulating plant growth. This ultimately leads to better cultivation results. There are various types of assimilation lights for horticulture available.
The most commonly used assimilation lamps are HID lamps or SON-T lamps, but in recent years more and more LED lamps have been used in horticulture. The assimilation lamps use different techniques and are therefore suitable for different situations and applications.
HID lamps (High Intensity Discharge) or SON-T lamps are assimilation lamps that use high pressure. They offer a broad light spectrum and can therefore be used in all kinds of crops. The disadvantage of this broad light spectrum, however, is that they also produce light that is not absorbed by the crop, which means that some of the energy is lost. Do you want to read more about assimilation lights and how to create an optimal greenhouse climate with them? Our specialist wrote an article about how to create an optimal greenhouse climate. 

Spare parts for Assimilative lighting

After intensive use of the assimilative lights it can be that a part needs replacement. Therefore, it is convenient to have the right spare parts in stock. Does the starter, filter coil or lamp needs to be replaced? At Hortispares you can order quickly and easily your needed spare parts of suppliers such as Agrolux and Royal Brinkman.

Find the right spare parts easily

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