Agrolux Nederland

Grow light for the greenhouse

Grow lights, or assimilation lights, are one of the most important production resources for greenhouse horticulture. Light ensures photosynthesis and therefore the growth of a crop. With a supplemental lighting installation, you can adjust the light exactly to the type of crop in your greenhouse. This gives you more control over the product quality and product properties, and enables you to maximise your yields. More and more greenhouse growers are using assimilation lighting, it has become an important part of the proces. Are you looking for assimilation lights Hortispares offers assimilation lights from Agrolux Nederland.

Spare parts for Agrolux assimilation lamps

Agrolux is a global supplier of assimilation lighting for horticulture It is established in 2002 and supplies grow ligh ever since. They have grown in size and production number in the past years. Agrolux distinguishes itself on the basis of advice, service and quality. Agrolux produces its own fixtures and exports them to customers worldwide. They profile themselves within the horticultural sector through their extensive knowledge of assimilation lighting, their extensive experience and their smart, innovative technological solutions for greenhouse grow lights.

The employees of Agrolux Nederland have a background in various horticultural sectors. With this strong practical background, the company of horticultural lighting knows exactly what they are talking about. This enables them to provide the customers with the best assimilation lighting for the horticultural sector.

Find your Agrolux horticultural lightning spare parts easily

It can happen that a part of the Agrolux horticultural lightning breaks down. In this case, it is important to get the right Agrolux spare part as quickly as possible to prevent downtime.
Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture, among others grow light supplies. Interested in Agrolux assimilation lightning spare parts? Or greenhouse grow lights parts in general? You can easily find the right parts on Hortispares. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.

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