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Internal transport in horticulture ensures that the internal logistics in a greenhouse can be optimized. In addition, this solution offers numerous possibilities for organizing processes within your company more efficiently. Find the machines to improve your internal transport below.

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Find parts for pipe rail trolleys

We’ve got spare parts for Berg Hortimotive pipe rail trolleys.

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The experience of my first orders at Hortispares was great. It was fast, and easy, with a wide range of spare parts.

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How do you use a hygiene station?

When you enter a greenhouse farm, you will increasingly see a hygiene station that allows you to disinfect your hands and footwear, after which you may enter the greenhouse. A hygiene station is an important part for a company in horticulture. By using hygiene equipment, you raise the hygiene level at your company to a higher [...]

Working ergonomically on a BeNomic Pipe rail trolley

Berg Hortimotive launched an aftermarket ergonomics package for its popular BeNomic Pipe rail trolley line. The package consists of various options that make daily work on the pipe rail trolley even more pleasant. From ergomat to cooling fan The package comes with four items, which can also be ordered separately. The ergomat: stimulates the blood [...]

Internal greenhouse logistics | From harvesting to packaging

Internal greenhouse logistics improve the production process and save labor. But what kind of logistics suit your situation best? And which advantages do they have? In this article you can read more about internal logistics during cultivation and harvest operations, about different types of harvest trolleys and about automation of internal logistics in the greenhouse. Internal [...]

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Spare parts for greenhouse internal logistics

Internal logistics in the greenhouse is of great importance to carry out crop activities on the one hand and to transport the harvested products to the barn for processing on the other hand. By means of internal logistics, you can carry out work in the greenhouse more efficiently. Hortispares is the platform for spare parts for internal logistics in the greenhouse. The range of internal logistics consists, among other things, of spare parts for harvesting trolleys, pipe rail trolleys, electric tow tractors and monorail trolleys. After intensive use of your logistics systems in the greenhouse, it is possible that a spare part may need to be replaced. In our assortment you will find parts from leading suppliers, including Berg Hortimotive and Weterings Mechanisatie. By purchasing the right spare parts on time, you can prevent stagnation and disruption of the logistics process.

Spare parts for Danish trolleys

The Danish trolley is one of the most used trolleys in professional horticulture. Flower trolleys are used intensively and therefore they require maintenance and replacement parts. For example, you can choose from fixed or swivel castors depending on the load. In addition, you can also use additional attachments to extend the uprights of the cart. In addition to the attachments, you can also find Danish trolleys spare parts such as plates, uprights, undercarriage and wheels.

Spare parts for electric tow tractors

To pull forward harvesting or flower trolleys in the greenhouse, you can use a manual or fully automatic electric tow tractor. At Hortispares you can buy spare parts for your Betrac, Robocar or Donkey electric tow tractors. For example, you may have to replace a battery, switch or fuse.

Spare parts for monorail trolleys

A monorail is used in the cultivation of flowers and potted plants to carry out work above the crop or to harvest the crop. It is therefore very important that the monorail is regularly maintained and that parts are replaced in time.

Spare parts for pipe rail trolleys

A pipe rail trolley is used in many vegetable crops for, among other things, harvesting a product, sagging the plants and cutting leaves. A pipe rail trolley is often used at height, which makes safety an important point of attention. In order to increase the safety of a pipe rail trolley, you need to carry out regular maintenance on, for example, the scissors, wheels and battery. In our assortment you will find spare parts for the Benomic pipe rail trolley cars of Berg Hortimotive.

Spare parts for conveyor belts

Roller conveyors and conveyor belts are used in horticulture to supply potted plants, among other things. These conveyors provide a large part of the efficiency of the logistical process in the greenhouse. Do you want to replace a coupling part or a roll? At Hortispares you can find various spare parts for conveyor systems.

Buying parts for internal logistics

At Hortispares you can find various parts for internal logistics in the greenhouse. Would you like to receive advice about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

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