Birchmeier parts

Birchmeier develops spraying equipment for horticulture such as a hand sprayer, backpack sprayer, battery backpack sprayer and much more. Professionals and private individuals choose Birchmeier sprayers because of its ergonomic design, outstanding technology and long service life. In the wide range of Birchmeier sprayers, you will find the right sprayer for every job. In short, Birchmeier is a reliable partner for the design and production of spraying, dosing and foaming equipment for professionals in the horticultural sector. Hortispares offers spare parts for among others the Birchmeier Iris and Birchmeier Flox backpack sprayers. Both are very popular for professional use because of their incomparable quality.

Besides the Birchmeier backpack sprayer parts, Hortispares also offers various shoulder and hand sprayer parts. For smaller jobs, the user friendly Hobby star hand syringe (5 ltr) or the handy Super star hand syringe (1.25 ltr) are very suitable. In case of larger areas and activities, Birchmeier offers a good alternative to the backpack sprayer, namely the Garden Star shoulder sprayer (5 ltr).

Birchmeier parts diagram

All Birchmeier sprayers have unique spare parts diagrams, also called exploded views, so you can easily find the right spare part for the right product. Are you looking for a diagram for your birchmeier flox, iris, hobby star or Super star sprayer? Hortispares offers the diagram with spare parts in the exploded views where you can order your broken or extra spare parts in a few clicks. In this way, you are always sure of having the right spare parts.

With the following steps you can easily order your Birchmeier spare part from the Birchmeier part diagram:

  1. Choose your Birchmeier sprayer
  2. On the right you see the spare part diagram under the heading ‘Open exploded view’
  3. Click on the diagram of the Birchmeier sprayer
  4. Now you see the spare part diagram
  5. Put your mouse on the number of the spare part you like to order
  6. The spare part from the Birchmeier sprayer will appear on your screen
  7. Click on ‘ view part’ and add spare part to your chart

Find your spare parts easily

Through worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store. Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture. Do you have any questions about finding the right Birchmeier spare parts? Please feel free to contact us or check our FAQ. On working days you will receive a response within 24 hours.