Danish trolleys

Spare parts for Danish trolleys

Danish trolleys, also called flower trolley, are one of the most used trolleys in horticulture. A Danish trolley is used to transport flowers and plants inside and outside the greenhouse. The flower trolleys are used intensively in horticulture, so parts often need replacement. Therefore, always make sure that you have spare parts for a Danish trolley in stock, so that you are always able to repair the trolley in time. At Hortispares you can find all kinds of spare parts for horticultural flower trolleys, whether they are swivel and fixed wheels, uprights, plates or an undercarriage. Depending on the load and the required manoeuvrability, you can choose the type of wheel.

Horticultural danish trolleys are easy to disassemble. On top of that, the trolley can easily be stacked, so they empty trolley take up little space. However, there is big difference between CC containers and DC containers. The CC containers are used in a pool system and they are exchanged on a one-to-one basis via auction depots. When you order a danish trolley, please make sure to order also the shelves and wheels. At Hortispares you can also find extensions for the trolley to increase the hight and shelves of the trolley. In this way, you are able to carry more pot plants on one trolley.

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