Low-volume spraying equipment

The operation of greenhouse area treatment equipment

There are various spraying techniques for applying crop protection products to the crop. Area treatment is one of these, using a low volume mist machine or greenhouse fogger to spray the spray liquid over the crop. Many growers use area treatment because it saves labour on the one hand and reduces the use of crop protection agents on the other hand. On top of that, there are more advantages and disadvantages of area treatment. Don’t you know which type a spray equipment is suitable for you? Our specialists made a spraying equipment guide with all information you need to know.

LVM machinery & greenhouse foggers

When you choose for an area treatment, the crop protection agents will be atomized. Both devices create a mist of tiny droplets and are distributed over the crop. But what is the difference between both? The capacity between LVM and foggers is different. A greenhouse fogger can foger up to 60 L per hour. The capacity of an Enbar LVM is much lower. On top of that, both devices differs from its mobility and distribution. A fogger can be moved to the right place, while an Enbar LVM is fixed in one place. Moreover, with an Enbar LVM you need fans to distribute the agents well over the crope, while a greenhouse fogger has pulse jet engines to distribute it evenly. At last, the required time of an area treatment differs for both devices. Please contact our specialist when you have doubts about the right equipment for your situation.

Spare parts for greenhouse foggers

After using a greenhouse fogger, you have to clean the machine to prevent clogs of the spray liquid. Moreover, carry out regular maintenance on your greenhouse fogger to extend the lifetime of your machine. A greenhouse fogger is equipped with a powerful jet engine and therefore malfunctions does not occur very often. Always check the hoses of the fogger to prevent leakages or complete tearing. Replace the hoses in time to prevent this. Besides hoses, a greenhouse fogger contains more spare parts. Keep the spare parts in stock in case of your greenhouse fogger occurs malfunction. At Hortispares you can find spare parts for Pulsfog greenhouse foggers.

Spare parts for Enbar LVM

An Enbar LVM is also part area treatment in greenhouses. However, the operation of an Enbar is different comparing to foggers. On top of that, the atomization capacity, mobility, distribution and needed time differs between the two applications. Although the operation is different, it is still extremely important to maintain the machine. The filters of the machine need to be cleaned regularly and in case of extremely contamination they need replacement. Also the nozzles, ventilators or filter body need replacement. At Hortispares you can find spare parts for your Enbar LVM.

Find the right parts easily

Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture. At Hortispares you can easily and quickly order parts for greenhouse foggers and othere area treatment equipment. In this way you prevent downtime or malfunctions of your machines and guarantee safety at the highest level. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.