Priva Horticulture

Priva spare parts for horticulture

Climate control is an important factor for the growth of a crop. However, a greenhouse climate depends on different factors such as temperature, light, amount of CO2 and humidity. Priva is specialized in the supply of climate and process automation systems. The control systems allow you to control the greenhouse climate, the amount of light, CO2 and irrigation. Their systems are made to ensure the efficient growth of the crop, minimize energy consumption and reuse water. Priva supplies different kind of systems: Priva Connext process computer, Nutrifit, climate sensors and boxes. At Hortispares you can find all spare parts for the priva climate and process automation systems.

The operation of Priva horticultural systems

Priva systems are important to create the optimal climate inside the greenhouse. One of the most important systems is the climate and process computer. In this way you are able to manage all important factors to reach the optimal greenhouse climate. However, after intensive use it may that your systems needs maintenance or some parts needs replacement. It is important to do that in time to prevent malfunction or standstill. You do not want to have a standstill of your computer. At Hortispares you can find spare parts for the Priva Compact, Connext and Vocom process computers.

Besides the control systems, they also take care of the systems inside the greenhouse. To keep the air flow in control, Priva Ecofans are used inside the greenhouse. With these greenhouse fans an optimal air flow is created. On top of that, measuring boxes are used to measure crucial factors inside the greenhouse. After intensive use, you have to replace some component. Hortispares is the shop for all horticultural spare parts. With our exploded views you can easily find the right spare parts. We also have written an article about how to replace an UV lamp of a Priva Vialux M-line or E-line. 

Find the right Priva spare parts easily

Link all the processes in your horticultural business together and leave nothing to chance! Through the systems offered by Priva, you will gain insight into your cultivation and business processes down to the smallest details. Some parts needs replacement after a while. Hortispares supplies parts for the well-known Priva process computers: the Priva Compact and Priva Connext, formerly a Vocom installation. In addition to the spare parts for the process computers, Hortispares also offers parts for fans, measuring boxes, climate and water sensors, power supply nutrition units (Nutrifit, Nutriflex, NutriJet) and Vialux water disinfecting system.

Hortispares offers a wide range of  spare parts for Priva’s systems. Are there parts of the water and climate sensors damaged or broken? Or are you looking for parts for the Vocom installation? Take a look at our assortment or feel free to contact us. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.