Measuring box Temperature and Relative Humidity

Measuring box Temperature and Relative Humidity

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Alli Control box T+RV
Priva measuring box T+RH for measuring temperature and relative air humidity, works on the physical principle of a psychrometer with dry bulb and wet bulb temperature sensors, consisting of:

  • Single-walled galvanized steel housing, white coated, with air intake at the bottom and air outlet at the side.
  • Electrical connection section with:
    • Door closing button
    • Screw terminals for connection
    • Bridge rectifier ventilation motor.
    • Connection cable 7 x 0.5 mm2, length 5 meter
    • Gland for cable
  • Air measuring section with:
    • Door lock with handle
    • dry bulb temperature sensor with NTC / thermistor in glass pipe Ø6mm x 60mm
    • Wet bulb temperature sensor with NTC / thermistor in glass pipe Ø6mm x 60mm
    • Hygrowick cotton, length 25 cm, used for wet bulb temperature measurement
    • Air restriction plate
    • Ventilation motor 24VDC-60mA
    • Supply voltage converter 24VAC to 24VDC for a fan motor
    • Plastic container with a lid for the Aquanex fluid with demineralized or distilled water, 1,5 litre
    • Tulle in the lid of the plastic container, used to reduce the secondary evaporation of water from cotton hygrowick
  • Connection materials with two S-hooks and galvanized steel chain, length 5m

Specifications of this sensor:

  • NTC resistor / thermistor: 3kQ/ 25 ° C
  • Temperature measurement range: 2,5 … 50 ° C
  • Relative humidity measuring range: 0-100% RH non-condensing
  • Supply voltage fan motor: 24VAC-60mA

Om een nauwkeurige meting van de natteboltemperatuur te waarborgen, moet de plastic container gevuld worden met gedemineraliseerd of gedestilleerd water en Aquanex vloeistof. Auqanex voorkomt de groei van algen en/of vorming van bioslijm en optimaliseert het aanzuigen van water in de katoenen hygrowick.

To ensure an accurate measurement of the wet bulb temperature, the plastic container should be filled with deionized or distilled water and Aquanex liquid. Aquanex prevents the growth of algae and / or formation of bio glue and optimizes the suction of water into the cotton hygrowick.

It is advisable to regularly replenish the plastic container with deionized or distilled water and Aquanex and to check that the cotton hygrowick is sufficiently moistened and is not contaminated with dust/dirt or algae/bio-adhesive.

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