Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W/FR 9,3 watt

Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W/FR 9,3 watt

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The Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp is available in two different spectral versions: one offers a combination of deep red and white (DR/W) and the other offers a combination of deep red, white and far red (DR/W/FR).

Most important benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional lamps.
  • Specific recipes for optimizing photoperiodic exposure.
  • Coverage of large areas thanks to high light output and optimum light distribution
  • Safe and robust design, without glass

Short-day and long-day plants, as their names indicate, flower fastest on short or long days respectively. During naturally short days, lighting at night can slow down the flowering of short-day plants to stimulate vegetative growth, or promote flowering in long-day plants. The DR/W version suppresses flowering of short-day plants and prevents bud formation in mother plants of chrysanthemum, dahlia, poinsettia and others. The DR/W/FR version is ideal for photoperiod exposure of summer flowers such as gypsum, aster, deer hay, goldenrod, as well as pot plants and annual and perennial plants. It can lengthen the day or interrupt the night cycle to promote the stretching of strawberry plant stems and stimulate flowering.

Flowering promotion
Philips’ special light spectra for the GreenPower LED flowering lamp have been optimized for photoperiodic lighting. They promote the flowering of long-day plants, resulting in higher production of better quality.

Prevention of bud formation
Our flowering lamp helps you effectively prevent mother plants from flowering. With the right recipe you can stimulate vegetative growth and combat flower formation in the cuttings.

Promoting the thrust of strawberry stems
You can use the flowering lamp to improve stem elongation and thus achieve an earlier and larger harvest of strawberries.

Economical and robust installation

  • This is a safe and robust solution for photoperiodic exposure.
  • The lamp can withstand 35,000 switching cycles (e.g. 8 switching cycles per day for 12 years).
  • It is highly efficient with a power factor of >0.9, which is essential when working with generators.
  • Thanks to its unique electrical design, the lamp is also well protected against voltage fluctuations (120-230 VAC ±10%).
  • Thanks to its robust design and excellent optical performance, the GreenPower LED flowering lamp enables you to realise the most economical and reliable lighting installation for your cultivation facility anywhere – even outdoors (with the right luminaire).
Average photon flow DR/W = 25 | DR/W/FR = 20
Capacity DR/W = 13 | DR/W/FR = 11
Efficiency DR/W = 1.9 | DR/W/FR = 1.8
Dimensions (height x width) 164 x 127 mm
Fitting E26 / E27/ B22
Material Plastic, matt white
Weight (kg) 0.170 kg
Protection class (IP / UL) IP 44/ dry and humid areas
Nominale average lifespan (Hours) L9OB50: 25.000
Switching cycles 35.000 times
Labour factor > 0.9
Input voltage (VAC) 120-230 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Labels UL/CSA. IEC (CE)
Bundle width 110
THD < 29%

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