Dosatron parts for horticulture

Dosatron’s technology relies on a hydraulically driven pump that is activated solely by water pressure and water flow. Dosatron is a commonly used proportional dosing pump to apply fertilizers and crop protection products into irrigation systems in horticulture. With a proportional dosing pump pesticides and fertilizers can be applied to the crop via the irrigation system in the correct quantity and concentration. Dosatron dosing pumps are available in different types: Dosatron D8, D3RE25, Dosatron Greenline and more. At Hortispares you can find all replacement parts for Dosatron dosing pumps.

The operation of Dosatron dosing pumps

A Dosatron works without electricity, because the pump is fully driven by water pressure. The water flow ensures the piston of the pump to move. The piston of the dosing pump sucks up the desired concentrate amount of fertilizers or crop protection agents. After that, this will be mixed with the driving water. As a result, the obtained fluid is distributed through the pipes to the crop. This makes Dosatron pumps the ideal proportional dosing pumps for horticulture.

Clean your Dosatron pump

To ensure the lifetime of your dosing pump, it is important to maintain the pump frequently. On top of that, clean alle components periodically. Therefore, we advise to dismantle the entire pump and clean all components. Always make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as a safety glasses, gloves and protective clothes. On top of that, do never use any tools for maintaining a Dosatron to prevent damage of the pump.

When using water soluble fertilizers in combination with a dosing pump, it is important to disassemble the whole dosing unit periodically and clean it. Rinse the unit with water and assemble it again.

Parts of your Dosatron dosing pump broken

Is your Dosatron broken? Replace the spare parts which are obsolete. Therefore is  regular maintenance also important for the operation of a Dosatron. This extends the life of the dosing pump. Dried up dirt and crystallized concentrate can have a negative influence on the functioning of a dosing pump. For optimum operation of the dosing pump, the parts (such as the non-return valve and seals in the dosing element and, if necessary, the suction hose) should be replaced at least once a year. Always wear protective clothing, safety goggles and gloves during this work. It is important not to use any tools during this process, so that the pump cannot be damaged.

Find the right Dosatron pump parts easily

Are some parts of the Dosatron dosing pump in need of replacement or is your Dosatron broken? Are you looking for spare parts for your Dosatron D25RE5, D8 or D3? Hortispares offers a wide range of spare parts for Dosatron dosing pumps such as nuts, caps, shafts, push rods, lids, stems and much more. You can easily find exploded views which Dosatron parts are compatible with your dosing pump. In the exploded views you can find a parts list with all suitable spare parts for your dosing pump. Do you have questions or do you need help? Please feel free to contact us. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts.