Dorot valves for the greenhouse

Dorot valves are specially designed to comply with all the demands of Waterworks systems such as: Pressure Management, Low Flow Regulation, Leakage Prevention, Pump Control, Level Control, Surge Prevention, Sewage and Water Treatment. Dorot offers a wide range of different types of valves such as control valves & air valves.
Dorot Air Valves offers a reliable solution to overcome different challenges that may occur on a pipeline for a long lasting operational system and most efficient water network. Some valve series are designed for efficient discharge and intake of air in water pipelines, filtering systems, containers, and other places where confined air could impair the system’s operation. At Hortispares you can finds different products of Dorot, such as the Dorot valve 95/96, Dorot valve 75 ST 2″ and more. You can also find different spare parts for you Dorot valve at Hortispares.

Find your Dorot valve spare parts easily

It can happen that a part of the Dorot valve breaks down. In this case, it is important to get the right spare part as quickly as possible to prevent downtime.
Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture, among others water management solutions. Interested in Dorot valve spare parts? Or Water control in general? You can easily find the right parts on Hortispares. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.