The Dorot-75 series are plastic diaphragm valves for agricultural use. They are resistant to fertilisers and have a large free passage (and hence a large capacity and/or low resistance). The function of the diaphragm minimises the risk of water hammer and allows precise control, even with low capacities.The Dorot 75 2-way diaphragm valve is widely used in sprinkler and drip irrigation
Unique with the 2-way version is the integrated non-return valve that keeps the diaphragm valve closed even when the pressure in the line is relieved. This prevents leakage problems during starting.A special version is the stand-alone version, in which an actuator is mounted directly on the valve, allowing the valve to be operated independently of a central system. The coil used is a 2-way pulse coil, for battery control from the dispenser.

Spare part: Bolt-short

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