DryGair, greenhouse dehumidifier of Drygair energies ltd, offers an innovative solution for controlling humidity in greenhouses and was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environment-friendly dehumidification solution to the humidity problem in greenhouses. Due to evaporation of the crop, the air humidity in the greenhouse is often too high. With Drygair units the air in the greenhouse can be dehumidified in an efficient and simple way. This makes the air humidity and temperature more stable. No windows have to be opened so no heating system has to keep the temperature up. This saves a lot of energy and money.
The unit is a combination of a dehumidifier and a heater. The electrical energy used and the heat released are both returned to the greenhouse. The condensed moisture is discharged or can even be used as process water. It’s one of the best greenhouse dehumidifier.

Drygair spare parts

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