Bermad reel 24vdc 2way/nc

The Bermad solenoid S390 Series is designed for a reliable long-life service in irrigation systems. A unique plastic casing, cast in one piece, guarantees absolute seal of the coil.
The solenoid has a very low energy consumption, which enables long-distance applications without high voltage losses. For direct mounting on Bermad valves, 2w control for clean and 3w control for less clean water.

Technical specifications

Seals NBR
Parts in contact with water Stainless steel 400, Polyamide
Voltage tolerance ± 10%
Power 3.6/4,2 Watt
Kv Solenoid 0,8 l/m, permeable 1,6 mm
Kv Solenoid basis 1,33 l/m, permeable 1,8 mm
Work pressure 0 – 10 bar
Temperature Water till 80°C

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PA, Plastic, Stainless steel, Steel

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