Grodan supplies innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector. In 2013, they introduced the GroSens and that was the first step in making Precision Growing possible.

Installation of Grosens sensors

Grosens sensors are extremely flexible in use. When you want to measure the WC and EC in the greenhouse, you can easily remove and position them in another section. On top of that, the sensors are easy to install and replace. You can read about how to install a Grodan sensor in this article. When you want to know how to connect a Grodan sensor you read this article.

Malfunctions at the Grosens sensors

It may be the case that a malfunction occurs, but they can be remedied by yourself. There are a number of options that solve the problem. You read more about further explanations and instructions (video’s) in the article how to solve a malfunction.

Easily find the right parts

Hortispares offers 10 000 spare parts for horticulture. Interested in spare parts for your Grodan GroSense systems? You can easily find the right parts with Groden grosens price on Hortispares. With worldwide shipping and secure payment methods, growers and technical installers all over the world are able to safely buy the right spare parts in one online store.

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