Siemens elec. motor actuator SAL81.00T10 N4502 for VBF21

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The Siemens electromotoric actuator SALxx.xxT10 N4502 for valve VBF21.xxSAL81.00T10 is shown as number 4 in the 2nd image.

Siemens electromotoric actuator SALxx.xxT10 N4502 for valve VBF21.xx

Manual control, position can be fixed. Plug in space for auxiliary switch and/or potentiometer.
SA..81.., SA..61.. are UL listed..

Operating voltage AC 230 V / AC24V DC24V
Positioning time 30 or 120 s
Torque 10,00 Nm
Angular rotation 90 °
Ambient temperature, operation -15″”…55 °C
Medium temperature -10…120 °C
Mounting position Upright to horizontal

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Available types SAL actuators:

Type Positioning signal Operating voltage Positioning time
SAL31.00T10 3-position AC 230 V 120s
SAL31.03T10 3-position AC 230 V 30s
SAL61.00T10 DC0…10V, 4…20mA AC24V, DC24V 120s
SAL61.03T10 DC0…10V, 4…20mA AC24V, DC24V 30s
SAL81.00T10 3-position AC24V, DC24V 120s
SAL81.03T10 3-position AC24V, DC24V 30s

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