Ridder RPU set 24v 4-20 mA

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The Ridder PositioningUnit RPU is an accurate digital position meter for use in Ridder RW motor gearboxes, making it the perfect solution for achieving high positioning accuracy in ventilation, screening and hoisting systems. The RPU constantly reports the current position back to a climate controller with a 4-20 mA signal. The RPU can be used with all types of Ridder RW motor gearboxes that are fitted with a Ridder RSU limit switch system. The RPU can be supplied separately or integrated in a RW motor gearbox.

The 4-20 mA signal of the RPU is generated with a Hall sensor integrated in the RPU and a magnetic shaft mounted above. This magnetic shaft rotates contactlessly and is mounted on the operating shaft of the RSU limit switch system of a Ridder RW motor gearbox. Because of this non-contact measuring technique, the feedback value of the RPU always remains constant and the RPU is maintenance free. In operation, the RPU continuously measures the position with a high accuracy of 0.04% of the taught measuring trajectory. From this measurement signal the RPU calculates the 4-20 mA signal to be reported back. This signal is reversible. By using an Ohmic resistor the RPU can also generate a 0-5 V or 0-10 V feedback signal. The RPU is equipped with a control button and LEDs to read out the status.

The RPU is easy to install and learn when commissioned. Normally, the measuring trajectory of the RPU to be taught in will correspond to the set switching range of the RSU limit switch system when taught in. It is also possible to set one of the end positions of the RPU’s measurement path for an end position of the limit switch system. The measuring trajectory of the RPU is then smaller than the switching range of the RSU limit switch system. This is a solution for systems with an end switch range that is larger than the measurement trajectory to be controlled. This option also makes it possible, for independently driven systems with different switching ranges of the limit switch system, to learn RPUs with an equal measuring trajectory.

In operation, the PositioningUnit RPU constantly monitors the signal quality by an integrated reference monitoring. If due to an external disturbance, voltage failure for example, the value measured by the RPU deviates from the expected measured value, the RPU will generate an error message due to this reference deviation. A 0 mA value is then reported back and a blinking code is displayed.

For the effective recovery of a reference deviation, the RPU is equipped with a reference input. This reference input can be connected to an operating switch of an RSU limit switch system. By operating this operating switch in an end position, the reference deviation and the resulting error message are automatically restored. In doing so, the switching position of this operating switch must correspond to an end position of the taught-in measuring path of the RPU.

The PositioningUnit RPU can also be connected and taught in such a way that when a reference deviation occurs, the reference is restored by trajectory recognition. The RPU can do this without an operating switch being connected to the reference input. For reference recovery, the entire taught measurement path of the RPU must be run.

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