DAN-Super-10 450ltr-yellow compensated

DAN-Super-10 450ltr-yellow compensated

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The DAN-Super-10 is a plastic sprinkler with a medium range for outdoor irrigation and mitigation. It is a ball-driven sprinkler with split nozzles that ensure a high uniformity, both close to and further from the sprinkler. The Super-10 is very suitable for the irrigation of larger surfaces (e.g. for full-width vegetables, flowers or nursery products).

The DAN-Super-10 is a medium-sized plastic sprayer for outdoor spraying and night frost control. It is a bullet driven sprayer, with split nozzles that ensure high uniformity, both near and beyond the sprayer. The Super-10 is very suitable for sprinkling larger areas (for example, in full grown vegetables, flowers or nursery products

The droplet size prevents compaction of the soil, but also drift (movement of droplets by air currents). The DAN-Super-10 is also available as a pressure-regulated sprinkler, thus making larger lengths and/or thinner supply hoses possible. A special 180° version is available for edges in outdoor irrigation and on roofs: DAN-Super-10 with road protector. The DAN-Super-10 has a ½” male thread and is installed ‘upright’ on an agriconnector or ½” female thread.


  • Ball-driven sprinkler
  • Large diameter
  • Uniform distribution over short and long distances
  • Installation ‘upright’ on an agriconnector or a 1/2″ female thread

Exterior and roof irrigation, night frost control and dust control.

Capacity (liter/hour) relative to pressure (bar)

Execution Standard 25º
Nozzle colour Brown* Blue Yellow Green Red
Pressure (bar) (l/u) (l/u) (l/u) (l/u) (l/u)
2.5 bar 320 360 450 550 670
3.0 bar 350 395 495 600 735
3.5 bar 375 425 530 650 795
4.0 bar 405 455 570 695 850
3.0 – 5.0 bar** 320 360 450 550 660
Max. beam height m 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.8 1.8
Diameter m 19 17 20 20 20.5

* = brown: special execution for the use of a 180º roadprotector
** = pressure compomised

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