Sulfur evaporator


Nivola Sulphur evaporator
The powerfull and preventive plant protection method against the feared Mildew.
To fight Mildew in an effective way there has to be enough evaporated sulphur and a good spread of evaporated sulphur.
The Nivola sulphur burner works with a perfectly balanced and safe evaporation temperature. A maximum amount of sulphur will be evaporated with a minimum use of energy.
At the same time a powerful airstream creates the right spreading of the evaporated sulpur in the greenhouse.
The Nivola sulphur burner is specialized in crop protection against Mildew for more than 45 years all over the world.


  • Effective and reliable
  • Optimum distribution of the sulphur
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime

If the temperature rises, the chimney effect start working. Sulphur vaporized and spread through the greenhouse.

This article will be delivered without a cover and pendant.

User instructions Nivola Sulphur evaporator:
– Strawberries  : 1 evaporator each 250 m² / 1 evaporator each 1000 m³
– Begonia  : 1 evaporator each 250 m²
– Gerbera  : 1 evaporator each 300 m² / 8 hour each night
– Hydrangea  : 1 evaporator each 250 m²
– Kalanchoe  : 1 evaporator each 200 m² / 4 hour each night
– Pepper  : 1 evaporator each 350 m²
– Roses  : 1 evaporator per 100 m²
– Tomatoes  : 1 evaporator each 350 m²

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