Iwaki Pumps

Iwaki pumps for horticulture

Iwaki pumps are considered as a leading brand worldwide and offers a range of pumps such as magnet pumps and dosing pumps for among others the horticultural sector. Their reliability has been proofed in a lot of applications and test procedures. The pumps have an incomparable range of models available, have a leakless and seamless structure and a superior corrosion resistance. For example with the corrosion-resistant pumps, this series uses the magnetic coupling method, preventing fluid leakage problems. At Hortispares you can find Iwaki magnet pumps, the MD-serie.

The operation of Iwaki magnet pumps

Iwaki pumps are extremely suitable for the horticultural sector because of the high resistance against chemical fluids. Iwaki MD serie pumps are magnetically driven circulation pumps made from polypropylene. The spare parts of the magnet pump are made of ceramic, PTFE and FKM. Due to these materials, the pumps are highly resistant to transport chemicals. The pumps consist of a pump unit, motor unit, specification label, securing base and an inlet. With proper maintenance, the life time of your pump will be increased. Always control for insecurities in vibration, noise and value. If you recognize some deviations, please stop the operation.

Iwaki pump spare parts

When you use the Iwaki magnet pumps or other pumps for a long time, it can happen that some parts of the pump have to be replaced. Replace the wear parts for the end of the estimated life time. Every time you dismantle the pump, it is important to replace a new o-ring. Are you looking for o ring, impeller, spindle, thrust ring or motor parts? Take a look at our assortment or feel free to contact us.

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