GroSens basic set

GroSens basic set

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Product specifications

  • The most reliable, representative WC and EC measurements (WCM) available 24/7
  • WG measurements between 0-100%
  • EC measurements between 0-10 mS/cm
  • Temperature measurements between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius
  • Connectable to most climate computers
  • Detailed information on WG and EC data can be obtained from any computer connected to the grower’s internet/ethernet.

System requirements / technical issues

  • Availability of internet/ethernet in the grower’s office
  • Sensors must be placed within 50 metres of the Receiver.
  • A CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cable to connect the Receiver to the Smartbox (in the grower’s office).
  • For every 100 meter CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cable an additional Extender is required.
  • To connect to the climate computer, 3 available COM ports are required

Detailed description

Very accurate, 24/7 insight into the WC. Based on statistically reliable studies, the GroSens system measures more accurately than existing water content meters (WCM). The GroSens system, with its greatly improved WC measurement, is an indispensable tool for growers who want to use precision irrigation professionally in order to achieve optimum yield and quality. Accurate WC measurements in the stone wool substrate (delivered all day and night) enable growers to exercise optimal control over their crops. The measured values are displayed directly as graphs on the climate computer and/or an external computer and provide the comprehensive, accurate information that enables precision irrigation. When the GroSens system is connected to an external computer or to the grower’s network, the detailed values can be read for each sensor.

Very accurate, 24/7 insight into the EC. Based on statistically reliable studies, the GroSens system measures more accurately than existing WCMs. A greatly improved EC measurement takes accurate EC control to the next level. For growers who want it, the GroSens system enables precision management of the EC and opens the way to further yield optimization and better quality. Accurate EC measurements in the stone wool substrate (all day and night), enables growers to exercise optimal control over their crops.

More measuring points lead to more representative WG and EC figures in the crane compartments. The GroSens system starts with 3 sensors. However, the more sensors you install, the more accurate your insight into the WC and EC situation in the greenhouse will be. In addition, the GroSens measures with double the number of measuring points and thus provides more reliable data. This combination leads to much more representative WC and EC figures on the crane compartment that controls the crop. Accurate figures are crucial in determining the right precision irrigation strategy. The optimal irrigation strategies for each crane section lead to optimal results.

The wireless sensors offer enormous flexibility in where you can measure in the greenhouse. They are easy to install and easy to replace. With the GroSens system it is extremely easy to place the wireless sensors in a pre-defined crane compartment in the greenhouse, whenever needed. The position of the sensors can be changed in a few seconds during the growing season. This allows WC and EC data to be read from any pre-defined location in the greenhouse at any time. Measuring representative mats leads to better WC and EC management. Moreover, this flexibility in placing the sensor does not lead to additional installation costs. The wireless systems also eliminate the risk of accidental cutting of electricity cables during the growing season.

Because the GroSens system is modular, it can be scaled up to multiple configurations. The GroSens basic set is designed to guarantee reliable, representative WC and EC figures for a crane compartment. Depending on the size of the greenhouse and whether the grower wants to take the next step in precision irrigation, all components in the GroSens basic set are available separately. As a result, the GroSens system can be used for every grower can be configured perfectly individually.

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