Benomic Star


The BENOMIC STAR owes its name to the fact that it is the star in the Benomic series. And that for an extremely competitive price. The pipe rail trolley is fitted standard with a double scissors, which can reach a height of 300 cm.

Its smooth exterior makes the trolley easy to keep clean. There are no corners or edges in the frame where dirt can accumulate. Also, your crops do not suffer damage from sharp corners. The fencing is powder coated.

The STAR is fitted with a strong, well-arranged dashboard with as few switches and control knobs as possible. Your employees will familiarise themselves immediately with the simple controls.

The scissors have an entirely smooth finish, with closed head ends, so that crops and string cannot hook behind the scissor profiles. The hoisting weight is 250 kg, so this is more than enough for two employees.

Drive gear
The STAR is fitted with an economical 0.37 kW electromotor. This achieves a variable speed of up to approx. 60 m per minute.

Low price
New techniques and materials make smarter production possible at lower costs. With the BENOMIC STAR, we let you share the benefit.
We have succeeded in putting the STAR on the market at a very competitive price compared with other models with the same features.

Trolley length 193 cm
Trolley width c to c + 18 cm
Track widths 42 – 60 cm
Platform length 170 cm
Platform width 42 cm
Min. plateau height 54 cm
Max. plateau height 300 cm
Motor power 0.37 kW
Carrying capacity 250 kg
Weight 365 kg
Max. speed 60m/min
Traction battery 24V / 120Ah/5h 159Ah/20h

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